Top SEO Trends You Should Know About

The world of SEO is constantly changing. This is why you should know about SEO trends. With that said, below are a few SEO trends you should be aware of. 

1. Social Content Will Become More Important- Google and other search engines are increasingly indexing social media content. This can blur the lines between web SEO and social SEO strategies. Many marketers use social media sites to boost their SEO links to networks they belong to and this can play a role in helping search engines learn about your website's credibility and relevancy. 

2. Videos Are Still Prominent- In 2015, people were using videos to help with their SEO and digital efforts, and that trend continued in 2016 and is expected to continue. Many search results are from YouTube, and not only that but videos tend to get far better organic page ranks in Google when compared to text-based content. Furthermore, video searches have a higher click-through rate than plain text content. 

3. Mobile Optimization Will Become Essential- People use all sorts of devices to view and access content, and this includes phones, smartphones, tablets and laptops to name a few. Search engines have become aware of this a longtime ago. In fact, Google is known for giving mobile friendly sites a little bit of a boost in mobile searches, which isn't surprising because over 90% of smartphone have searched for local information and generally speaking, mobile search is up by a lot. Millions upon millions of people use the internet via their mobile devices and approximately 4 out of 5 consumers shop using their smartphones. 

4. Voice Search Function- Voice search is becoming more popular among mobile users. Voice search has made it easier to search for things because it eliminates the need to type, and you will want to develop content with voice search in mind. There are a lot of people using voice search for various reasons, such as to find information while they are watching television or when they need directions. 

5. Content Aggregation Will Become Even Bigger- People are always looking for content sources that have everything in one place. Search engines have taken noticed of this trend too. This is why content aggregators are growing in popularity. 

6. Mobile Apps Will Grow In Popularity- Mobile apps makes things easier. In a few more years, apps will likely be more popular than websites themselves, and many people spend a bulk of their time using mobile apps. In fact, some sources estimate that users spend around 80% or more of mobile time using apps. 

Let's not forget to mentioned local search. Local search will continue to grow throughout the next few years. Make sure you let the search engines know where you are based and what kind of products and services you're offering.